Ongoing and upcoming events are listed here and updated regularly. I hope you can join us for one or more of these events!


Monthly Meditation Circle

Evenings include:

Breathing practices
Yoga or Tai Chi, walking meditation
Silent and guided meditation
Expressive Arts

Next session:       January 11, 2018    in Acton

Please contact Catherine at  for more information. These sessions rotate to different locations and with different facilitators monthly


Finding our “Inner Strength          

Date:  Sunday  January 27, 2019


Location:  The Groton Inn   128 Main Street   Groton, MA

Sponsor:     Joyce Strong RN       Confident Women Series

Cost:       $35      Brunch and speaker

For Tickets:

Workshop Description

Throughout our life we may find ourselves swayed by the opinions and judgments of loved ones, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and the many voices of social media.  We tend to sometimes find ourselves questioning our own sense of self and good judgment.  We all have a core “inner strength” and “inner knowing.”  Sometimes the problem is just getting in touch with it.

During our time together we will have an opportunity to find a way of “centering.”  You will be guided in an integrative imagery session through the use of a relaxation method and guided questions to access an image of your “inner strength.”  You will connect with the image and spend some time getting to know the image better which is really a way of getting to know yourself  better.    After the session you may journal or draw your experience to keep for yourself.  You’ll have an opportunity to process the session with other women and to ask questions.

Permission to Pause

Healing Ways Women's Healing Circle

Have a House Party! I travel to homes, libraries, schools, and other institutions to help groups find simple ways to find ways to take a brief break and relax during the course of a busy day. I have offered this workshop at both the Lincoln and Concord libraries to groups who have found the tips helpful.  Gather your friends together and host a session in your living room! There will be a reduced rate for the host.  Sessions include:

  • Breathing techniques to incorporate relaxation and a sense of ease into a busy day
  • Body scan and guided imagery relaxation
  •  Progressive muscle relaxation and guided meditation techniques.
  • Sleep tips & techniques for returning to sleep after interruptions.

We will also discuss practical applications that fit into your busy lifestyle!  Please contact me for rates.   781-786-1943

Women’s Healing Circle

Such an unbelievable awakening of the need to care more for myself!” ~ Circle Participant

Days: TBD  2019

Time: 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Healing Ways, 97 Lowell Road, Concord, MA

Cost: $200  (look out for our early bird discount)

Take a pause from ordinary life and join me and my colleague, Clarissa Sawyer, as we show you a variety of self-care practices in a small, intimate group of like-minded women.

In a circle format, we’ll begin each session with a check-in, spend some time learning self-care practices, and share our experiences.

Self-care practices we cover include various styles of breathing, guided imagery, embodied awareness practices, movement, self-awareness and self-compassion techniques, journal writing, and more.

This group is appropriate for women of all ages and life stages, including healing and health-care professionals. Enjoy this opportunity to slow down, tap into your inner guidance, and access your Wise Self.

Catherine Collins, RN, MS, is the owner of Healing Ways and former director of Health Education at Wellesley College.

Clarissa Sawyer, EdD, is a Harvard-trained teacher of Gender Psychology at Bentley University and an intuitive coach who helps heart-led business owners thrive.

To register, or for more information, contact Catherine at 781-786-1943



Contact Catherine  for more information