As a seasoned professional with 35 years of experience in health care and health promotion, I’m very familiar with the health issues and stressors that employees face on a daily basis. I offer a wide variety of “Lunch and Learn” seminars for corporations, schools, and colleges.

Balancing Work and Family

Can we really have it all? Many employees are trying to juggle both a successful career and a busy family life. Often, long commutes add to the time taken away from family life. This workshop will cover some of the common barriers to finding personal balance on a daily basis as well as some strategies for overcoming those barriers. Learn some simple stress relief and time management techniques to be used both at home and in the office.

Care for the Caregiver

If you’re a caregiver, whether as a parent, spouse, adult child, relative or friend, it’s likely that you spend your days giving your time, compassion and physical self to your loved one without taking a “time-out” for yourself. This one-hour workshop will offer some simple self-care practices that can be incorporated into a 10-minute “coffee break.” Techniques such as breathing practices, imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, and gentle movement will be included. Some simple, comforting techniques for use with your loved one will also be covered, including a simple reflexology point and the “hand/heart connection” technique.

Complementary and Integrative Care

What does complementary and alternative medicine mean? What about mind-body, integrative, and functional medicine? How do I choose a provider, and how do I know what is safe to use? Much of what was once considered “non-traditional” care has now become more mainstream. This workshop will cover the most popular practices, such as massage, acupuncture, reflexology, energy medicine, and aromatherapy. Other practices will be briefly discussed. Learn where to find accurate information, what “evidence based” means, and the types of situations or issues to discuss with your primary care provider. Armed with accurate information, you’ll be a better informed consumer of health care.

Goodnight, Insomnia      

Surveys indicate that 60-70% of Americans are sleep deprived. Ongoing research shows that sleep deprivation negatively affects concentration, cognitive abilities, and the ability to perform motor tasks. Studies also show links between sleep deprivation and heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. Groups will learn about the importance of sleep, the cycles of sleep, and some tips and strategies for falling asleep and staying asleep in order to get a full night’s rest. Getting a good night’s sleep enhances your well-being in many ways and this workshop will help you take the steps necessary to get that sleep.

Permission to Pause  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, juggling work, family, and community responsibilities, this workshop is for you!

The goal in this interactive workshop is to help you find balance in your life by learning some resiliency and stress management skills. Participants will receive information regarding both stress and time management to apply in the course of a busy day. Techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, the body scan, the practice of positive re-framing of current stressors, and the use of imagery will be covered.

Each participant will have the opportunity to practice the techniques and to develop a personal plan for finding balance in her/his life.

Reframing Your Brain

This workshop reviews various styles of thinking and aspects of the thought process that may have an impact on our actions in the workplace. We’ll identify the tendency toward both the optimistic and pessimistic framing of events and discuss strategies for changing our perceptions and outlook. The intended outcome is to find more creative and productive solutions to difficult situations.

Relaxation and Resiliency          

This is essentially the Permission to Pause workshop adjusted for the workplace. Employees in today’s workplace are often challenged to find some “quiet time” in our current fast paced, technology oriented society. Multiple demands are placed on the employee’s time due to family, work, community, church, and other responsibilities. This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to “pause” in their workday to review some of the stressors that may be impacting their daily lives and to learn some simple strategies for eliciting the “relaxation response.” Deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, imagery, and the role your thoughts play in the stress cycle will be covered.

There will be an opportunity to practice a couple of specific relaxation techniques. This workshop can be paired with “Take a Breathing Break.”

Take a Breathing Break: Finding Calm in the Midst of Chaos   

This workshop will focus on various breathing techniques that groups and individuals can use during their week to take a mental and physical “break.” Ongoing research demonstrates the importance of regular breaks during the day in order to increase both the focus and productivity of employees in the workplace. Participants will learn various 5- to 10-minute breathing techniques that can be implemented both at work and at home. This workshop can be paired with “Relaxation and Resiliency.”

Taking Care: Self-Care and Health Maintenance for Women

Women are living longer today, often until they are 95. This workshop will focus on specific lifestyle issues that may help us maintain quality of life as we move through the decades. The importance of sleep, healthy eating, physical activity, and stress management will be discussed. We’ll also review some common health issues and the best schedule for various health maintenance visits with our health care providers. Current guidelines and recommendations for both screening tests and vaccines will be discussed.