“I can highly recommend Catherine Collins and her company Healing Ways as an exceptional resource for integrative healthcare in the form of Therapeutic Touch and Integrative Imagery. Catherine has a wealth of expertise in the fields of nursing and health education and provides her clients with a high level of knowledge and skill in these modalities. I have referred several of my clients to Catherine in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”
Pamela Ressler, President, Stress Resources, Concord, MA

“I went to Catherine to try out Therapeutic Touch (which I had read of, but never experienced) and Integrative Imagery (which I had never even heard of). Catherine did an excellent job explaining what the sessions would entail. She was compassionate and present, which put me at immediate ease. The sessions themselves were phenomenal; I felt relaxed, grounded, balanced, and had a significant aha! moment. I would absolutely recommend Catherine as a practitioner.”
Dawn, Massage Therapist

“The Therapeutic Touch work has allowed me to become more in tune with the sensations in my body. I have always lived in my head and wanted to be more aware of my body.”
Nancy, Economic and Policy Consultant

“When I first heard Catherine was doing the Permission to Pause workshop sessions I decided to go to learn more about her work. I was so glad I did. After the first few minutes the relaxation I felt was immense. I have been through a couple of very tough years dealing with elderly parents and all that goes along with that. This gave me a focus and way to de-stress myself in some of the most trying times.

I have also taken advantage of having a reflexology treatment with Catherine and that also was greatly beneficial to me I highly recommend her services. She is a great clinician.”
Judy, RN

“Catherine’s treatments with Reflexology and Therapeutic Touch always leave me with a deep sense of calmness. My body feels better and my mind is clearer. I believe her treatments help me to heal at a very deep level.  With an Integrative Imagery session, she helped me to travel to a deep, quiet, and wise place in side myself. After a session I had a clearer idea of what my next step should be.”
Jeanne-Marie, Artist

“The deep breathing really helps. I also take visualization breaks during the day because I work on the computer for long hours. Catherine is good at what she does.”
Vicki, Business Owner

“Therapeutic Touch with Catherine has been very effective for me in my need to relax. Catherine makes you feel comfortable your first and successive times in experiencing this type of therapy. I do not find traditional massage to be beneficial or enjoyable but really like Therapeutic Touch. I think everyone should try it.”
Susan, Human Resource Professional

“Catherine has been an enthusiastic and dedicated member of MEDA professionals. She is  well-informed in the eating disorder field and would be an asset to anyone who wishes to utilize her services. She is truly committed to her clients and offers a unique and important service to the community.”
Beth Mayer, CEO, Multiservice Eating Disorder Association (MEDA), Newton, MA